Aleksandra Nova Design was established in 2017, following the creative director’s return stateside from years long travel. The birth of this independent interior design firm was inspired by Aleksandra’s own sojourns at luxury hotels across the world. With the goal of recreating those subtle indulgences, she set out to collaborate with the finest clients and craftsmen in order to create a symbiosis of authenticity, functionality and utmost elegance for every space she designs. Aleksandra’s love of couture fashion, her adoration of nature and classical music, and her appreciation of art are delicately interwoven in the olfactory, visual and auditory experiences she creates. Dedication to excellence is at the forefront of Aleksandra Nova and her team’s vision for each project, irrespective of scale. Every room, a story. By blending modern with luxurious, Aleksandra‘s designs uphold the unparalleled aesthetic of the finest hotels in the world.

Aleksandra Nova Design